Uruguay Premium Angus

Raised sustainably and in harmony with nature

What we're about

Our purpose, our aspirations and our values

We work to provide people around the world with premium quality meat and wool while caring about the environment, our associates and making a fair profit.

We aspire to build a leading cattle ranch producing certified hormone and antibiotic free high-quality meat of grass only fed Black Angus raised and kept under animal welfare conditions.

We value professionalism, commitment, and integrity.
We work hard and are proud of the results of our efforts.
We work as a team and help each other.
We are kind and respectful to nature and all living beings.
We keep ourselves and our workplace clean and tidy.
We acknowledge our mistakes and learn from them.
We are humble and respect our neighbors and colleagues.

We are kind and respectful to nature and all living beings.

Our Cattle

Black Angus and our certifications

We are nothing short of passionate about our premium Angus herd and equally care about nature, animal welfare and sustainability.  Our cattle never get hormones, antibiotics, or any animal byproducts.  They range freely and are exclusively grass fed.  This is regularly inspected and certified by INAC (Instituto Nacional de Carnes) which allows us to label our products as “Never-Ever 3, “Bienestar Animal” and as the first South American breeder "C02 neutral".


Our Products

Free range, only grass fed, never ever antibiotics and hormones

Our products meet the highest quality criteria of health and taste.  Based on science we strongly believe that healthy animals raised in a natural way in an ecological environment provide the healthiest meat of unrivalled quality.  If one compares meat from animals fattened with grain in feed lots with animals which have been ranging freely feeding exclusively on grass one sees significant differences in the quantity and type of fats  specific fatty acids antioxidants and vitamins A and E demonstrating health benefits for grass-fed beef.


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